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7-5-2003  This is where I get to say what I want about who I want.  Scary, huh??

I would like to take this moment to talk a little bit about the Buick Performance Group.  Last December, I was searching around the internet for information on Buicks.  I happened to stumble onto v8buick.com and there was a large presence of the BPG on it.  I inquired as to what the group was all about.  The general consensus was that the BPG was open to anyone who was interested in going "Fast With Class!"  You don't have to OWN a fast Buick to be a part of this great group of folks.  The BPG is more interested in the preservation and restoration of Buick's much overlooked performance reputation. 

To avoid a long-winded and worded description of the BPG, I would like to include a few clips of a message that the BPG chariman has written on the subject:

"What is the Buick Performance Group?

The Buick Performance Group is a non-profit membership organization dedicated and devoted to the performance, preservation, maintenance, restoration and racing of Buick powered performance cars. The BPG offers a member focused, family oriented community and encourages and promotes the sharing of information, development of new products, and open participation and interaction between all members.

Who is the Buick Performance Group?

The BPG was established by a large group of Buick owners to serve the needs of its members and their cars. The BPG is governed by a board of directors elected by the members. Our diverse membership includes many familiar Buick owners, vendors and restorers with extensive Buick knowledge, skills and related expertise.

What does the Buick Performance Group offer?

The BPG offers members a number of things, both tangible and intangible, all of which we believe are important.

MEDIA - The BPG has a variety of informational products that include a bi-monthly newsletter titled "The Build Sheet;" a website (www.buickperformancegroup.com) and an Electronic Bulletin Board to post and responds to questions, items for sale, parts wanted, etc.; and a National Buick Event that offers racing, tech seminars, restoration information, parts vending, a show, and more.

MEMBER PARTICIPATION - Members are entitled to vote for the individuals that will serve them as officers and directors to run the BPG. Members may participate in all club events. The BPG encourages member opinions and inquiries. Members should express their opinions and ask questions freely without fear of censorship or reprisal, provided that appropriate standards of decor and professionalism are maintained (we are a family oriented community). Members are encouraged to contribute to the newsletter (The Build Sheet), the bulletin board, and the website. We believe that the sharing of information and member involvement creates unity, builds friendships, and strengthens us all as a group.

ACCOUNTABILITY and PROFESSIONALISM - The BPG will be accountable to its membership, both financially and otherwise. Use of club funds will be detailed in financial statements prepared and presented to the membership on an annual basis. The BPG is responsive to member requests and inquiries. The BPG and its staff will conduct themselves in a professional manner, including in all dealings with members, non-members and commercial organizations.

DIVERSE MEMBERSHIP - The BPG membership and staff are diverse and offer a variety of experience in different areas. Our members include event coordinators, Buick restorers, Buick parts vendors, racers, car owners, enthusiasts, engine builders, professional mechanics, body shop and paint professionals, GM Parts Professionals, and many others. We believe ALL members are important and value their participation!

RELIABLE and HELPFUL INFORMATION - The BPG will conduct parts comparison tests and publish the results without changes or modifications. The tests will be conducted accurately and equitably to ensure fairness and the results will be published as they occurred. NO favoritism to vendors will be shown. The results will speak for themselves. The BPG also will be documenting restoration projects and providing restoration tips along the way. The BPG also will be publishing various technical, specification and other information to assist members with the maintenance, repair, preservation and restoration of their cars.

REPRODUCTION PARTS - The BPG will support the reproduction of Buick parts through a variety of means to ensure that our members' cars can be preserved and maintained with quality reproduction parts that will be available at a fair price.

FREE or DISCOUNTED ADVERTISING - Members will be entitled to post free personal ads in the club media publications. Businesses owned by club members will receive discounted rates on their commercial advertisements.

What cars will be covered?

The BPG is an inclusive, as opposed to exclusive, club. As such, membership is open to all Buick owners and enthusiasts. However, the primary focus of the BPG is on Buick powered performance cars such as the Gran Sports and other V-8 powered Buick Models (such as Wildcats, Skylarks, Specials, etc.) and the Grand Nationals (including the Turbo Regals) and Pontiac Turbo Trans Ams. We expect that our membership will primarily be divided among the V-8 powered Buicks and the Turbo Buicks. We believe in fair and equitable treatment in all aspects of this club, equal coverage in terms of articles and information will be given to both types of cars.

What does it cost?

Membership in the BPG is $35 a year. Members receive their official Membership Packet that includes a new member introduction letter, a high quality laminated membership card, 10 free personal BPG cards that can be handed out at shows and events, and a club sticker.

How do I join?

To become a BPG member, please send $35 along with your name and address to:

The Buick Performance Group
1150 W. Fifth St.
PO Box 614
Marysville, OH 43040-0614

We also accept paypal, but be sure to include all your information!

It is at www.paypal.com under the account of paypal@buickperformancegroup.com

Thanks for your time and let's keep those Buick's running!


I have been a member of the BPG for about 3 years now, and have met lots of wonderful folks who are all interested in keeping our cars on the road!  I would not hesitate to refer anyone to the BPG.

- Adam



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