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9-9-2003  This is where I get to say what I want about who I want.  Scary, huh??

On numerous occasions, I have been in the situation where I need an answer fast....and the only people that can answer them are the people at TA Performance in Arizona.  Ever since buying my first big block Buick, I have been throwing money at it from every direction, and most of the parts have come from TA.  I recently installed headers on my 71 Centurion, and they did not fit.  I called Dave @ TA and he walked me through the modifications I might/must need to make in order for the parts to fit correctly.

Dave has been very patient with me and my pestering questions, and I want to thank him for all he has helped me with.  I would also like to Thank Mike @ TA for helping me with the header issue.  He was on the phone for as long as Dave was

Everything I've inquired about - headers, gaskets, oil pumps, booster plates, priming, aluminum intakes, choke housings, etc.......TA has helped me through everything.

I would recommend TA Performance to anyone who has a Buick and wants to make more power with their setup.


Good luck with the Aluminum block project!!!



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