News: 2-16-2014  Antique Automotive Service - Stainless trim restoration, paint work, mechanical work, etc.  Check out the website for lots of project galleries and contact information!

ABOVE:  The Buick Performance Group is hosting its 2nd annual Block Party and National Meet August 1-2, 2014*** Go to for more information!  BELOW:  The Centurion Registry has added a new forum to allow fellow Centurion owners to share information instantly! - the BEST technical and all around Buick Discussion forum on the internet! is a Buick discussion board dedicated to providing a place for people like you and me to exchange information, parts, ideas, personal stories, and all around good times.  There isn't another board like it anywhere!  The people are some of the nicest and helpful folks you'll meet on the internet.  Please visit this site, you will not be disappointed.

7-1-2010  New website with loads of NOS parts for our Buicks and MORE! - Classic NOS Parts - Please visit the site and scroll through the loads of NEW parts available for our Buicks!
3-20-2006  Buick Carburetor Listings 1904-1939, 1940-1964, 1965-1974, Old Air Products, GS Jeff's Fleet, Tie Rod Experts, The Official Harley Earl Website, Wikipedia of the Buick V8 Engine, 1959 Buick Pictures, SNS Chroming, Replica Plastics, Abel Automotive Service,, AZ Cars &,, Big Al's List, 3D Auto, 1973-1975 Century GS Registry, Carl Rychlik's 70 GS Stage1, Collectors Auto Supply, Buick Farm
New from, 71-76 convertible courtesy lenses are now available!!  Click HERE to go to the direct page.  Part number FUSCL326 - $18 a pair!!

4-2-2005  It looks like I'm due for another update, so here goes..  New Links:   Dakota BOP Chapter,, Compact Buick Club...more to come!

12-19-2003  450+ Links! They just keep rollin' in!  Keep 'em coming folks!  You can't have too many sources for parts and information.  Most of the links I post in this directory are bookmarked by me when I am cruising the Buick forums and boards around.  But if you see or hear of someone or someplace that deserves to be mentioned in here, please let me know!  There has been an explosion of interest in Buicks over the internet in the last year or two, and this is one of the ways I've found that I can keep track of it.  Judging by all the new discussion boards emerging, I would say the love of Buicks is healthy and GROWING!!

Welcome to the Buick Parts Directory home page.  This website is here to help you in your search for the right parts for your Buick, no matter what it is.  It is my understanding that some parts are not made anymore, but it doesn't mean that they can't be found.  The BPD is here to provide you with a means to search for the parts you need and to keep you from aimlessly clicking on links that may or may not get you where you want to go.

I'm going to try to keep this site as simple as possible, but I also want you be be able to find what you're looking for without wading through 5000 links and addresses in the process.  I have broken down the list into categories as you can see on the left.

I am constantly adding sources to my list so I can further provide better contact information for anyone who needs to find a specific part or piece of information.  I am also asking that if anyone has a particular company or supplier, etc. to email me with the information and I'll be sure to place it on the list. 

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