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1929Buick.com This site has been set up for the benefit of all 1929 owners as a place to find answers in real-time. No need for delayed answers when the question or part is needed right now.  
60DegreeV6.com The best source for all your GM 60 degree V6 needs
AACA Discussion Forum Antique Automobile Club of America Discussion Forums for many types of autos including BUICKS! www.aaca.org
ACC de France Forum French discussion board for American Automobiles  
Automotive A/C Information Forum Air Conditioning Discussion Forum  
Budd's 1956 Buick Site Research, media, manuals, guides, restoration, forum budd_robert@yahoo.com
Buick-59.com With this site we hope to gather together the most comprehensive collection of 1959 Buick data, and make it available for all to see and use.  

The Online club and live community for
Buick vehicle enthusiasts worldwide

BuickLand.com Discussion Board A Forum for ALL Buick lovers!  Your Buick Community  
Buick Performance Group Discussion Board A BPG Member board open to everyone who would like to talk Buicks and events in your area!  
BuickThunder.com Online Discussion Forum  "Think Outside the Bowtie"  
Chicagoland GSCA Discussion Board Chicagoland Chapter GS Club of America Discussion forums chicagolandbuick.org
Cotton's Performance Discussion Board Turbo Regal Discussion Board
The European Buick Forum This is a discussion board that caters to the European Buick fanatics!
F.A.S.T. Discussion Board Hosted By Year One - F.A.S.T Drag Racing forums
GSCA Forums Buick GS Club of America Discussion Forums  
Musclecar Power Magazine Discussion Board "For the Sake of the Hobby"  
Prestage.com Welcome to Prestage.com, a site for drag racers, bracket racers, and automotive enthusiasts. The pages in this site contain a wide variety of information that can be useful as you plan and build a car for the street or the drag strip. Webmaster@Prestage.com
RegalGS.org Regal GS Discussion Forums  
Team Buick Discussion Board General Buick Discussion Forums  
Turbo 6 Power Discussion Board Turbo Buick Discussion Forums
TurboBuick.com Turbo Buick Discussion Forums http://www.turbobuick.com/contact/
TurboBuicks.com Turbo Buick Discussion Forums webmaster@TurboBuicks.com
V8buick.com Discussion Forum for Buick Enthusiasts of all Backgrounds.  Also has sections for car and parts for sale. www.v8buick.com
Yahoo Boat-Tail Group Egroup for all owners, admirers and enthusiasts of the classic automobile, Buick Riviera model 1971 thro' 1973  
Yahoo! Nailhead Group Nailhead Message Board  


1968-69 GS Registry Complete site for the 68-69 GS, which includes a registry EMAIL
1972 Buick Electra This website is devoted to the study of the 1972 Buick Electra automobile  
1973-1975 Century GS Registry This Web site features pictures and information of my own cars as well as others who graciously helped in providing  info to make it sucessful. Send me an e-mail
Boattail Riviera Registry 1971-1973 Boattail Registry buick1971riviera@gmail.com, Boattailregistry@gmail.com
Buick GSX Registry Register your GSX with the rest of us! gsxnut@buickgsx.net
Centurion Registry 1971-1973 Buick Centurion Registry  
The Dual Carb Registry While not exactly rare, the '41-'42 Buicks are unique in that they are the only Buick straight-8s equipped with the dual carbs. toolman8@ix.netcom.com
GN Registry GN Registry is a non-profit organization made up of  the registered owners of cars known as the Buick Turbo Regals.
Hot Air Buick Website and Registry Website and Registry for non-intercooled Turbo Regals, GN's, TTypes, etc. Email
Stage1 Registry The intention of the Stage1 registry to document existing factory Stage1 cars, and to compare various options and colors. E-Mail Me

Tech, Stats, General Info

3D Auto Lots of general automotive information!  
65-72 Buick Skylark/GS/Sportwagon VIN Decoder Covers these models VIN tags
Alfred P. Sloan Museum The Buick Gallery and Research Center's archival holdings consist of Buick manuals, photographs, press packets, and records covering the company's history from 1902 to 2000 (810) 237-3450
AutoColorLibrary.com Excellent Source for Color charts for any make, model, year car you have. (858) 536-7960
Automotive Information Clearinghouse These guys tracked my Centurion. 2100 made, 500 surviving REGISTERED in the country. 8 in Missouri. Good folks. I think the charge for doing this was $19. Box 1746
La Mesa, CA 91944
619-447-7200  service@automotiveinformation.com
"Basics of Basics" on Panel Alignment Nothing adds to “detail” on a car more than nice fitting panels. If the car is a light color it is even more important. MARTINSR, Member of the Team Chevelle and v8buick forums
Body Style & Model Chart Listing of 1928 through 1975 Buick Models and Body Styles http://www.supercar.com
Buick 455: We Have A Contender! Car Craft Mag article about the BBB  
Buick Big Block Casting Numbers Buick Big Block Casting Numbers, 400, 430, 455  
Buick Carburetor Listing 1966 - 1985 Buick Carb #'s  
Buick God Good all-around Buick resource for information and classified ads - Lots of Boattails here. chris@buickgod.com
The Buick Gran Sport Page This site is dedicated to those 10 years of Gran Sports. E-Mail the webmaster
Buick GS Restoration Musclecarclub.com information about the Buick GS. www.musclecarclub.com
Buick Nailhead Casting Numbers Buick Nailhead Casting Numbers
Buick Riviera Boattail 1971 1972 1973 1971 - 1973 boattails only! Email
The Buick GS Home Page This home page is dedicated to all Buick V8 powered performance vehicles rod@dtcc.edu
The Buick GS Webring This is the home page for the ring of webpages dedicated to Buick GS owners and fans with homepages on the World Wide Web. Click Here!
Buick Photo Gallery A gallery of some beautiful early Buicks! www.kensclassics.com
Buick Press Photos Factory and Press photos from 1904 - 1999 buickprphotos@juno.com
Buick Skylark Suncoupe
Buicks.net Lots of good general info on Buicks  
BuickStreet.com BuickStreet.com is a showcase of spectacular classic Buicks, fascinating owner stories, Buick links, old road tests and much much more.  
Cam Degreeing Instructions How to properly Degree a cam www.iskycams.com
Chris' Buick Riviera Spot This page is dedicated to the restoration and preservation of the Buick Riviera... Relax, Kick your shoes off, Stay a while, check out my links, and sign the guestbook Email
CID and Liter Calculator Ever wanted to find out the size of an engine? To convert cubic inches (example: Chevy 350) to liters (example: 5.7) just fill in the values. CID = Cubic Inch Displacement http://www.mtv411.com/frontpage.htm
Compression Ratio Calculator Calculates compression ration based on engine specs http://www.turbofast.com.au/welcome.html
Directory.net A neat little search engine that wishes it did as good a job as my site...  
Engine Blueprint Guide Blueprint specifications contain information vital to building NHRA legal Stock and Super Stock engines www.nhra.com
Engine Detailing Guide Here are some restoration & detailing tips we have found very useful - we think you will, too! www.atlantabuick.com
Engine Identification 1935-1982 Buick Engine ID Numbers  
GS Tips & Tricks Atlanta Buick Specialties does more than just sell parts.  We also provide as much educational, promotional, technical, restoration and performance information as possible. Our information is provided to our readers via this website free for their own personal use.  
Guide to the Regal GS The goal of this project is to provide the most amount of information for the 1997.5 to 2004 Buick Regal. More specifically the GS model, but a lot of what you will find here is also usable in other models of 3800 powered cars including the Regal LS, Pontiac Grand Prix models, and many others  
Head and Block Casting Numbers Big Block heads are a find.  Buick made numerous different sets throughout the years.  Some of these heads flowed better than others.  Identifying heads (engine size and year), however, can be a difficult job.  This chart will help by providing you with casting numbers so you can determine what you've got, or know what to look for at your local parts yards.  
Horn Repair How to repair common automotive horns Vernco.com
Horn Restoration Restoration of "Trumpet" Horns www.chip.com
Horsepower Ratings 1968-1982 Buick Engine Specs from 1968 to 1982 http://viragotech.com/
 - Parent directory of the above link Lots of cool wagon pictures and some good information on horsepower and motor specs from 1960 through 1997 http://viragotech.com/
How Differentials Work Schematics and animations of how the rear differential works - very cool! HowStuffWorks
Is It A Factory Stage1? The VIN does not differentiate the Stage 1 from the standard 455. Contrary to popular belief such options as tach, gages, sway bars, 15" wheels and disc brakes were not standard equipment with the Stage 1. by Richard Lasseter and Mark DeConti
as published in the Nov/Dec 1994 GS X-tra
NADA Guides Get your car's value with the NADA appraisal guides! Contact Us
Roman Centurion This is something I stumbled upon when I was inquiring about the meaning of the word "Centurion"...interesting.  
Small Block Casting Numbers Buick Small Block Casting Numbers http://swapmeet.ca/
Specs & Data Good info on Bolt Torque #'s, Carb #'s, Rear Axles, and VIN's  
Speedometer Gear Charts Speedo Gears used with the ST300, TH350 and TH400 The Buick Gran Sport Page
Tire Size Calculator Use the calculator to see what happens to your speedometer reading when you change the size of your tires and wheels. The graphic shows your stock tire selection in an outline overlaid on your new tire selection. http://www.miata.net/index.html
Transmission Identification & Info Identification of GM Automatic Transmissions maliburacing.com
TriShield.com The Buick Enthusiast Network http://www.trishield.com/becomeamember.shtml
VMR Auto Guides Price Guide for Old Cars and Used Cars - Good Reference vmr@vmrintl.com
Wagon Lover's Photo Gallery Pictures of Buick station wagons!  
WeLoveBuicks.com We Love Buicks! Everything you want to know about Buicks - Current models, future and concept cars, sponsored races, souvenir shop - all in one place.  
Wikipedia of the Buick V8 Engine Wikipedia - the free encyclopedia, full of Buick V8 Information  

Misc. Information & Stories

55 Buick.com A site dedicated to the 1955 Buick line of cars buickguy@adilop.com
The 1960 Buick A page dedicated to the 1960 Buick.  Great reading!  
1973 Buick Centurion Article Posted on the Buick Club Holland Message Board - very fun reading for big Buick owners!!  
Before Black 1982 Buick Regal Grand National,
1978-83 Buick Turbo V6 (and Pontiac 301T)
and all other Carbureted Buick V6's
Big Daddy's SunCoupe This page is dedicated to the 1972 Buick Skylark SunCoupe. Information on these SunCoupes is limited. I thought it would be a good idea to post pictures of my SunCoupe along with the information I have. EMAIL
Bob's Car Collection A Collection of (Mostly) Buicks for sale and other NOT for sale widomski1@comcast.net
Budd's 1956 Buick Site Research, media, manuals, guides, restoration, forum budd_robert@yahoo.com
The Bug Shop:  "Is It For Sale?" An interesting look at the value of a restored car...  
Buick DK German?  Buick enthusiast site with some interesting info & pictures info@buick.dk
Buick Logos A collection of misc Buick logos  
Buick Riviera 71 This site is a French language site devoted to the 1971 - 1973 Buick Riviera "Boat Tail" BuickRiviera71@aol.com 
Buick Riviera 1987 A Norwegian Site dedicated to the 1987 Riviera  
Car Art by David Snyder Prints of various musclecar collages  
eBay/Kruse International and the Buick Club of America Partnership eBay/Kruse International and the Buick Club of America have formed a partnership to give their members a discount for selling their cars on the #1 ecommerce site in the world, eBay.com Kruse International has a listing service to sell your car on eBay for you. 800-968-4444, ext. 235
Electra225.com A site for the Buick Electra 225 enthusiast bigfella@electra225.com
Faithful Pursuit - 1969 Electra GSX Road Racer! A great project car that is going to make headlines...read all about it in the link to the left.  Totally Awesome!  
Gentlemen's Relish A tribute article to the 1963 Riviera Home
Geo Metro Drag Racing?? A Funny Story about a Geo Metro and A ford Festiva Street  Racing... zcar.com
Jay Leno Buick Video A funny video with Jay Leno doing a monologue about his 1955 Buick Roadmaster  
MuscleCarCalendar.com A cool site with lots of pictures and videos of musclecars! Contact Us
www.NailheadBuick.com Nailhead enthusiast's website - well done!  
The Official Harley Earl Website A tribute to the legendary Harley Earl  
The Old Car Manual Project Interesting automobile literature from all makes Contact Us
Old Iron Saves A Life! One of the most tragic, yet interesting stories I've read in a long time.  Read this.  It will touch your heart. Michael Minery
PreWar Buick www.PreWarBuick.com is an album of Buick automobiles and trucks from 1904 to 1942, with hundreds of pictures, useful Links and Feature articles, all to celebrate these cars and the people who appreciate them.  
Rick Finn Art Your Auto Art Superstore info@rickfinnart.com
Some History of the Buick Logo Buick Motor Division's famous "tri-shield" emblem, basically three shields inside a circle, can be traced directly to the ancestral coat of arms of the automaker's Scottish founder -- David Dunbar Buick. http://www.trishield.com/

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