James Myers' 71 LeSabre!   2NABOT

It's my first car, I bought it in early 1984 from Fred Hughes Buick, in Abilene, TX (an excellent dealership!), for $1,285. Its first owner was the transmission mechanic at Fred Hughes, and I'm the second owner. It had 92,000 miles on it when I bought it, and it just turned over the odometer at 275,000 miles. Still going strong!
We rebuilt the 350 engine (to 1970 GS specs, it really hauls!) at 145,000 miles, because I burned a valve and I had money burning holes in my wallet. Below is a list of how it started out, and what all I'm in the middle of doing to it (455/THM 400 transplant). By the way, note the enormous yet stock-looking air cleaner. It's off of an 80's Olds Diesel, and hold the biggest air filter fram makes! And when you cut a couple of 2" x 4" openings in the back of it, you get all kinds of airflow, and the nitwits at the inspection station don't have a clue!
AS ORIGINAL (pretty basic car):
1971 LeSabre Custom 2-door hardtop
2-tone paint, dark green over light green (I think they called it "Dark Emerald" and "Sea Foam")
Dark Green vinyl bench seat
Air Conditioning
manual windows and locks
"soft-ray" (?) tinted glass
AM-FM radio with front speaker
350 cid, 2barrel carb, single exhaust engine
THM 350 transmission
3.08 open rear axle
power brakes (front disks)
standard (ugly) wheel covers

ADDITIONS / CHANGES (at least when it comes out of the garage):
chrome side trim (no more door dings)
Green cloth 6-way power bucket seats (Riviera)
Power door Locks
Cruise control
rear window defrost blower w/ 2-speed switch
remote trunk release w/ glovebox switch
courtesy lights (front footwells and rear sail panels)
lighted vanity mirror on passenger sunvisor
Optional Riviera steering wheel (sport wheel?)
AM - 8track player with four-speakers (8-track stereo)
455cid, 4bbl engine
Dual 2.5 inch exhaust
THM 400 transmission (maybe a switch-pitch, depends on the $$$, if not now then later)
3.08 open rear axle
rear anti-sway bar w/ boxed lower control arms
heavy-duty cooling (4-core radiator)
Load-leveling system
15-inch Buick Sportwheels w/ Wildcat hub inserts
255-70-R15 tires

Non-Buick additions:
KYB gas-a-just front shocks (makes a HUGE difference!!!)
Poly bushings on front sway bar
dark-tinted glass all around
Map lights in rear-view mirror
Full length wooden console with armrest storage, door lock switches, power outlets, cupholders, and an insulated 6-pack cooler! (console goes from where the ashtray was to the rear seat)
AM-FM CD player mounted in console with 4 speakers (independent of the AM-8track - yup, I can play them both at the same time!)
Gauges (tach, oil pres, eng temp, volts) mounted in console
Class 3 tow hitch w/ trailer lights
space- and weight-saver spare tire


1971 Buick LeSabre Custom

1971 Buick LeSabre Custom

1971 Buick LeSabre Custom

1971 Buick LeSabre Custom

1971 Buick Le Sabre Custom Hardtop

1971 Buick Le Sabre Custom 2dr

1971 Buick Le Sabre Custom 2 Door

1971 Buick Le Sabre Custom


James, you have a great car!  I'm sure you already know this though.  I really miss my 71 LeSabre.  It, too was my first car!  But now I have a convertible


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