Reed's 71 LeSabre Convertible!

Hey. My name is Reed. I'm from St. Paul, MN. I Saw the pics of all the Buicks, so I thought I would send mine in.
It's a '71 LeSabre. Has Custom paint with orange flake, HID headlights, all custom interior, including TV's, Playstation2, Custom hand made wood trim, made out of African Mahogany, CD player with remote, 2 12' subs in the trunk, and 20" all gold center spokes.

The top is taken apart, and being completely rebuilt.  It will be white though. I have a TON of pics of all the steps of getting it to this stage. I have done all my own work, with some help of friends.  It has the stock 350-4, with dual exhaust. I shaved all the door handles/locks, trunk lock, and all emblems. This is the first convertible I have owned. Has a Grant steering wheel.

New Pictures!!!

Reed, that is a stunning car you have there, with lots of personalized additions!  Being a big Buick convertible owner myself, I can't get enough pictures of this one.  If you have any more in-progress pictures you'd like me to post, please send away!  I really dig the interior.  It makes me want to get my interior done finally.  That's a killer trunk you've got.  Do you have the dimensions of that speaker enclosure?

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